Volume 1, no. 1

New Orleans Jazz Club

April 1950


"Quo Vadis?"

Where do we go from here? 

As President of the finest Jazz Club in America, I greet you in the first issue of our journal. As humble a "rag" as it is today, long may it wave!

Our organization reached it's second birthday on Mardi Gras morning. Much has happened during these two fast years. A great deal has been accomplished – not, however, without causing pleasure on one side, and displeasure on the other.

Our Board of Directors is composed of nine members, selected by you at open meeting. These nine gladly carry the onus placed upon them by you. The business of the organization is carried on at the Board meetings, and then presented to you. This is to avoid long and useless discussions and wranglings. If mistakes occur, please understand that they are honest mistakes. The only ax we have to grind is that of the New Orleans Jazz Club. No petty jealousies or personalities will enter our policies. If what we are doing does not suit you, you are at liberty to say so from the floor at open meeting.

Our program for the coming year is such an ambitious one that space does not permit us to present it in this issue.  This will be the subject for the next Editorial.

You have not joined the club for anything except pleasure. We do not expect to put you to work. Meanwhile, we are aware of the impossibility to accomplish great things without everyone doing a little part. The Board and the President are willing to accept the greater part, but if you are called upon for wee push of your shoulder to the wheel, will you do it?


Edmond Souchon, MD.

Quoting from the Preamble to the Constitution of the New Orleans Jazz Club, our Club was formed:

 "To afford a common meeting ground for lovers of Jazz.

 To preserve, stimulate, encourage and retain New Orleans jazz, primarily, and also all the ramifications and forms thereof.

To help foster and advertise all creators of New Orleans music.

To exchange information that is
helpful, instructive and enter­
training to the other members."
We might also add, especially
for you new members, we are a civic, non-profit organization,
but we have a lot of fun, too!!


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