Captain "Mike" O'Leary for his kindness and generosity in providing fine rooms for our Meetings at a minimum of cost to the Club, and for always having a piano available for our jam Sessions.

Freddy and Ingrid King for constantly making themselves more a'nd more invaluable. No other couple "gives" of themselves more freely than these two. (The Corresponding Members might like to know that
Freddy is an ex-President of the Club, a Sales Engineer, and a Southern-Yankee. He plays a 'hot' drum, and is indispensable at the jam Sessions which explode into being each month after the regular Meetings) His red-headed wife, ingrid, blessed with Beauty AND Brains, was recently re-elected Treasurer of the Club.)

Each and every musician who has unselfishly given his time to the Club. we realize that what to us,-is a wonderful night off, to them is just another day's work. ale are as grateful to those who are just humbly beginning, as'we are to'those who step from the spotlight to the bandstand of our Club.

To those members' who spent all day helping at "Ciro's" on Mardi Gras, making the affair a grand success. And there were very few, (less than twelve, to be exact ) who really worked.

Scoop Kennedy; Board Member, for "bringing together" the Delgado Museum and the New Orleans jazz Club. The resulting discussion-andJazz proved to be legitimate, and we nominate Scoop as Godfather of this unusual but delightful offspring.' (The May issue will tell
Ed Hoerner, Program Director of Station VIWL, for his advice and cooperation. The expansion and national recognition of our Club
is due, largely, to, our radio program. So, special bouquets go to Mrs. Margaret Ashley, Uottie Bowers, Dottie Grace,' and announcers Dick Martin, Don Lewis, John Kent and Bill Brengel; and to the engineers who-do such a beautiful job (especially oil some of the 'collector's items' )..WE have the fun of putting the program to= gether, but all these "gentle people" send it out .)efficiently and smoothly to our listeners.
Ed Hart of Station WTPS, and Roger Wolfe of Station WL)SU, both
of whom are members of the Club, with jazz programs of their own, for their many "plugs" on Club activities: Don't know what we would do without them)

Peter Lucas, whose "Journeys Into jazz" program can be heard every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 CST, over Chicago's Station WENR for his comments on our efforts to revive and preserve Dixieland Jazz. His "salutations" to the Club came as a pleas-ant surprise.

Space being what if is, we will have to 'continue' this column next month.
Frankly, it is nice to be able to publicly acknowledge our grati
tude to all those who have encouraged and/or helped us in so many
waysll 'e needed it---they will never know how much --'Vve think they are pretty wonderful.


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