We have been swamped with letters asking about the requirements for member-ship in the Club. Recently, the Board of Directors went into a huddle and came up with the obvious answer: a Corresponding lvlembership1 This is a definite step For-ward, with automatic results: (I) It will increase the number of voices needed to carry out our program of encouraging and advancing New Orleans' ov'vn traditional music. (2) If will spread the name of our Club across the country, giving us valucable publicity. (3) It will add necessary dollars to our Treasury, without which we could not function!
So, welcome to the New Orleans Jazz Club, you New Members! Just fill out the application blank below and mail it with your dues, ($2.00, please, check or cur-rency. No stamps, no bottleerfops, no
IOU's) to.- MRS. MYRA MENVILLE, Secretary, 1227 WEBSTER ST., NEW OR-LEHNS,I5, LA. Please DO NOT mail your application or money to St-,tion WWLI It would be an inconvenient and unnecessary burl n to the Staff there.:
You will receive: a 1950 Membership cord; a monthly bulletin;ad
vance'notice on, and first choice of, tickets sold for any of the
Activities of the Club; the right to attendAvieet i n6s arid to "sit
in" on the jam Sessions, whenever you are in New Orleans.
This is what you have asked for---here it is. Nice to have you
with us .1

P.S. Of course, it is not NECESSARY that you add information as
to age, whether or not you collect records, play professionally or otherw,rise, hate your in-laws-or have secret knowledge on the newest type bomb, but we are sure you will agree that nobody wants to be just a NAiv;E and STREET NUivIBER stuck away in a filet To prove our good intentions, if YOU have any questions about US---shoot1

NEXT REGULAR MEETING of the NEW ORLEANS JAZZ CLUB: APRIL 10,1950 8:00 PM--Beauregard Room--St. Charles Hotel. Bring your own refreshments, AND suggestions for a name for thIs BuIIetin111 Winner will receive 6 records, his own choice. Remember: Monday after Easter.
1 227 Web s t e r St.,
New Orleans, IS, La.
Please enroll me as a Corresponding Member of your Club.I agree to abide by the rules. I enclose $2.00 dues for 1950 Cash () Check () M.0. () Please print or type below:
NAivI E 


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