Mr. Merrill Hammond, noted jazz record collector, and drummer of the mid-1920's, visited New Orleans and was a guest of the Club at one of the sessions at the St. Charles Hotel.  He sat in at the drums ( but good! ), and was kind enough to meet with the Board to offer suggestions and discussions.

Mr. Burl Johnson, also of Tulsa, was too late for the session, but joined the meeting at Dr. Souchon's home.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Peters, of Willoughby, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland), rabid members of the Cleveland Hot Club, visited the New Orleans Jazz Club (as a result of one of our Sunday night broadcasts). They attended the session at the St. Charles, brought a wire recorder with them, and "took" almost the entire session. They also let us hear wonderful recordings of the "Dixie Dandies", with G.F. Quittner on piano. They are terrific.  Wonderful N.O. beat.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Barber (he is music editor and critic for Life Magazine) were guests of the Club at this same time, Mr. Barber was quite impressed with the revival of jazz, and hopes to be able to do an article about the Club someday.

John and Mary Reid (whose "Sale-Auction" ads in the RecordChanger are familiar to all jazz-maniacs) contacted various members of the Club, and visited with them during a stay in New Orleans recently. They also spent a week at "Bacons-by-The-Sea" In Fort Walton, Florida. They have promised us acetate cuttings of several rare recordings, for use on our Sunday night broadcast.

Joe Roddy (assistant Editor of LOOK magazine) and Stanley Kubrick (staff photographer and Technical director) really gave the Club a thorough ''LOOK-ing" over. All phases of New Orleans music were covered in a two and a half weeks stay--and we wonder--?????

Capitol has just issued two new sides by one of our good members: I'm Satisfied With My Gal/Over The Waves, by SHARKEY and His Kings of Dixieland.

Capitol has also issued a single by our famous ARMAND HUG---Armand holds sway at the Bayou Bar, in the Pontchartrain Hotel. He really impressed Rowland Barber of LIFE, who likened his style to that of Joe Sullivan at his best. Incidentally, Armand was recently offered a solo-job at the "Hangover Club", in Hollywood, a spot
formerly occupied by Bob Zurke up to the tine of his death, and presently filled by "Red" Nichols and his group.

We wish to extend greetings and thanks to Barney Crosby and his "Oh! Play That Thing", (organ of the San Francisco Hot Record Society) and Roy Morser of the "Disc-Counter", ( 'The hot record collectors magazine' ) for recognizing our Sunday night program over Station WWL ( 9:30 to 10:00 CST ).

One of the most enthusiastic of our recent visitors to the sessions at the St. Charles Hotel, is Bob Neitzel of Mansura, La.  At one time bob was leader of his own Kansas City style Dixieland Band.  At present he is  limbering up his fingers on a recently purchased piano-accordion.

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